lørdag den 11. maj 2013

It's right in front of me.

So, this years string of awesome events kicked off last week, with a visit from the coolest, most awesome BFF in the world; Jaime.
(and thus, this entry is en English)

I met her walking the Camino a few years back, and as it happens out there on the trail, something good happened. She's my sis' from another miss, part of my Camino family.

Okay, Trine, enough of the sentimental mood.

Won't bore you with all the 'then we did so and so, and it was so cool.'
Just letting you know, that it WAS that cool.

I kinda tend to feel somewhat estranged, alienated, in my immediate environment (no, really? Yes, really).
So being around someone that has my back - is AWESOMESAUCE!

Just to illustrate how well she gets me, I'll show you what she brought me:

My very own Nick Cave official tour wallet! 

That's love! 

AND it reminds me of an upcoming pearl on my string of awesome events: The man himself, at Northside Festival in a month. 

However, blessed as I am, the very next event is tomorrow!
The Knife, in concert.
I'm so freaking over the moon! 

Yes, love really does creep up on you in all sorts of weird shapes. 

Here's some for you:

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